Goodbye Tooth and Re-thinking that Tooth Fairy Business…

Jayce s Tooth 7Jayce s Tooth 6

Well, it finally happened, my buddy lost his first tooth.  It’s been wiggly for a few weeks now, and despite the fact that I remember reaching a stage in my youth where I was relentlessly wiggling and pulling out my teeth, Jayce just didn’t really care very much about this.  Chris would wiggle it at night after Jayce brushed his teeth for bed and would remind him that he needed to be wiggling it throughout the day.
Jayce s Tooth 5

What was the rush?  The new adult tooth had already popped through just behind the baby tooth.  We showed our neighbor who is a dentist and she assured us that the adult tooth would move into the right spot, just as soon as that baby tooth was out and made space for it.  We didn’t want the dentist to have to remove it, so we have been wiggling away.Screen Shot 2014 07 13 at 1 52 11 PMChris was at work this afternoon when the big moment arrived so we called him on Skype to share the news.

The news was, Jayce was playing lego, used his (other) teeth to pull apart a few pieces, and when he yanked the piece away it knocked the wiggly one almost all the way out.  He ran into the other room to show me and I grabbed a napkin to wipe off his mouth/grab that sucker.  He was so delighted to see a tooth in that napkin that he barely even flinched at the little bit of blood.  
Jayce s Tooth 1Jayce s Tooth 2
Also, while we were talking to Chris, after Jayce explained to him how he knocked his tooth out, Hannah decided that she had lost a tooth as well.  She ran over to her Duplo blocks, grabbed one, came back to the computer and pretended that biting it had knocked out one of her teeth as well.  She is never one to be left out of the spotlight!Jayce s Tooth 3On a side note, Jayce requested hair gel last week from the store so that he could give himself a hair style, which he did in these pictures.  This boy. 🙂Jayce s Tooth 4