Got My Kicks on Route 66

I was really pleased to discover Friday morning that my town is a part of a 37 mile long “Route 66” garage sale. I had no idea, seriously how do you miss a thing like this in a town this small?! There were a dozen or so booths set up on a square in town, and tons of other people had stuff set up on their lawns and driveways. I only went to the square and a few nearby yards, but got some cool things for about $25 total, and just felt like sharing some of my favorite random loot.

My highlights were this cool old bank, and little stool. I’m planning to refinish the stool for Jayce but he obviously doesn’t mind it the way it is. Also, honorable mention for a “highlight” goes to the sign at one stand that read, “Jewelry, (Bling).”

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