Hadley and High Water

On Tuesday afternoon we finally made it down to Bowling Green to see our beautiful new niece, Hadley.

Jayce was really good with her, meaning that he told her hi, and was nice and gentle when he held her. He even gave her a few sweet little kisses. A little bit later when he was sitting on the couch with us, he held out his arms for her when Matt came through the room holding her, so apparently he thinks that Hadley is for holding.

Other than that, he was about as interested as could be expected from a near 2 year old, mostly running around the house, checking out her toys, and keeping himself entertained. One major source of entertainment was the flooded street outside, as Matt and Melanie live just north of Nashville and got an incredible amount of rain over the weekend. Half of their street was completely covered in water, so we couldn’t help but go out and check out the water a few different times throughout the day, and Jayce wanted to see it as well. We let him put his toes in the water, and then walk around just a little bit on the edge, and a few brave moments later he had tripped and fallen completely into the “deep end.” It was sad, so sad that I took a quick picture, but also so “sad” that even when he was crying as Chris stripped him immediately out of his clothes for a bath, and he asked him if it was fun stomping in the water and Jayce laughed. Again, that “all boy” business.