Since Jayce is a little too young to celebrate Halloween with his own class, we decided to take treats to his dad’s class this year. He got into his little costume and we surprised Chris’ Life of Christ class with chocolate chip cookies towards the end of the lecture.
Justin and I had carved pumpkins the night before so we had those lit up on the front porch during trick or treating. Chris is not into being festive this way, so was relieved that Justin could help me with this and he wouldn’t have to.
That evening we got our cow and treats all ready and spent a bit of time at the house passing out candy, and the rest of the time walking around the neighborhood visiting with several of the neighbors that we are friends with. One of our neighbors that we went to say hi to was this sweet family who are Hindu, a fact that I forgot until just after we had rang the doorbell. (If you don’t know, cows are sacred to Hindus and Jayce was dressed as a cow!) If they were offended they didn’t show it or they forgave us quickly. Chris and I kept saying that next year they would probably dress their kids up as Jesus and come knock on our door. Oh well. 🙂