Halloween: A Dragon and Candy Corn

For Halloween this year, we had a dragon and a candy corn. Basically, we had two little sweeties.

Hal 1

HalloweenHal 6Halloween3

My dragon was more than willing to pose before heading out for candy. It was too cold to take Hannah, so she and I stayed home and I (kind of) dressed her up in Jayce’s old costume while we handed out candy.

Shecow 3

Chris and Jayce went trick or treating and Chris sent me pictures with his phone so that I could stay in on the action a little bit. But I got some before they left anyway.

Hal 8Hal 9Halloween2

I had to wait until the next evening to put Hannah in her real costume, the trick or treating at the dorm. Since it was indoors it worked a lot better with a short-sleeved dress.

Ruthhall 1

A short-sleeved dress + tights + white shoes + new headband. She was sweet enough to eat.

Ruthhall 3

Jayce got a massive amount of candy in the dorms. It was a hit.

Ruthhall 10

Hannah was a little darling, charming everyone and looking so sweet.


Chris was being grumpy and uncooperative about posing for pictures, and he got a dose of “This is Hannah’s first Halloween, I made her whole costume, I have a new camera, and it is my birthday week, so I don’t care if you don’t feel like stopping for pictures.” This pep talk worked so well for his attitude that I’m sure you’re surprised to see him cropped out of the pictures. 🙂

Ruthhall 9

It was a full week, since we moved from a few days of Halloween festivities into a few days of birthday festivities. It was great, but it wore me out. I’m looking forward to a few weeks of regularity around here, with normal bedtimes, and without activities every night of the week, before we start into the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. Here’s hoping.

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