Ham House: The Easter Egg Trail

HamHouse 12Last weekend, we headed out on Saturday to Ham House to take the kids on an Easter trail.  It started snowing as we were waiting to buy our tickets, but other than the cold, it was lovely.  HamHouse 11It is a bit different than the Easter egg hunts that we typically do, where there is a collection of brightly colored plastic egg scattered across a lawn.  This is more of a scavenger hunt, with questions to answer and clues leading you all around a huge garden, and a large egg as your prize upon completion.  This new set up was perfect for our eager little detective.

HamHouse 13HamHouse 14HamHouse 15March 2013HamHouse 19HamHouse 22HamHouse 20HamHouse 21HamHouse 23HamHouse 27The setting was beautiful.  I can’t wait to come back in the spring when the trees are filled out and the gardens are covered in beautifully manicured blooms.HamHouse 28HamHouse 36HamHouse 38HamHouse 40HamHouse 41HamHouse 45I think the photos are pretty self-explanatory, so, then end. 🙂