Hannah Doing Her Own Thing and Her Sweet Brother: AKA Ballet Performance

Jayce and Hannah Ballet 3

Hannah had her last lesson of the term this weekend, the one where parents and family are invited to watch and able to take pictures and film.  I am so so glad that I did, because the following video is three year old comedy gold.

Highlights include her doing her own thing throughout the warm up song and then bowing at the end, leading a line of girls to a dead end, twice, and not knowing where to go from there, and stopping to hug Jayce every time that she passed.  But really, you have to see her in action.

Jayce and Hannah Ballet 1Jayce and Hannah Ballet 2
The biggest difference that I can see between now and when she started ballet un January are her legs.  They used to be shorter and chunkier at the top, and now they are long(er) and have slimmed out considerably.  I don’t like it.
Jayce and Hannah Ballet 4Jayce and Hannah Ballet 5
Once the class was over Jayce couldn’t resist running out onto the floor for a few spins himself.
Jayce and Hannah Ballet 6Jayce and Hannah Ballet 8
Jayce and Hannah Ballet 9
Chris got the kids giggling about something and I was so glad I had my camera for one of my favorite pictures of them ever (below).  I love these two monkeys.
Jayce and Hannah Ballet 10
Short and sweet, but really, if you’ve read this far down, just go back and watch the video.