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Hannahdoll 5

I am a gift-giver.  I think I’ve said that before.  Even when I was little I would sometimes get in trouble for using all of my birthday money to buy people’s Christmas presents, but this is how it is when you have a November birthday.  

Hannahdoll 6

But when it was a week until Hannah’s birthday and we had already decided what we were going to do and get her to celebrate (super low-key), I decided to squeeze in one last thing.  Despite initially thinking that I wanted to pick out special fabric for the doll’s clothes, I decided that I had to use what I had on-hand, which made it a little bit of a game too.  But I ran out of stuffing after doing just her arms, so the doll cost me about 5 pounds, and I still have 3/4 of a bag of poly-fill left.  

Hannahdoll 4

But I think it was worth it.  Don’t you?

Hannahdoll 7

I loosely used this pattern, but added a seam allowance, and changed the hair to look more like Hannah’s shoulder-length curls.  But then I gave her a neck, which seems to be a rag doll no-no, because then their head is top heavy and flops around a but.  And it made the supposed-to-be shoulder-length curls into chin-length curls, which wasn’t what I was going for.  But I still like it.

Hannahdoll 1Hannahdoll 2

Hannah did too.  

Actually, she saw it partially assembled on my desk one day, when the head was attached to the dress, but it wasn’t all sewn together or stuffed.  She said, “Ooooo.  Pretty baby dress!” before I covered it up with some papers, so that counts.  

When she unwrapped it on her actual birthday, it was in a box with a piece of fabric over it like a blanket, and she snatched up the fabric and snuggled it to her cheek as the doll fell to the floor and said, “Aww, pretty blankie.”

And it couldn’t hold a candle to the bottle of bubbles that I got her.  Of course. 🙂  The rascal.

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  1. you had me laughing with the little story at the end. i bet it'll be one of those that you like remembering on into the future.

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