Hannah, Her Dress, and KCW

Hannah Green Floral Playdate Tunic 15

Last year I got Hannah a comfy gray cotton tunic dress from Gap.  She wore it all the time.  It was that perfect balance between being comfy enough to wear to a playdate, but cute enough that I could put tights on her instead of pants and she would be dressy enough for Sunday morning.  I wanted one for every day of the week, but it was around 20 pounds, so obviously I didn’t.  But when this pattern for an O&S Playtime Dress came out, it was so close that I had to buy it and assemble a few of these for Hannah.

Hannah Green Floral Playdate Tunic 1

Don’t you love asking kids to smile?  You never know what you’re going to get!

Hannah Green Floral Playdate Tunic 8Hannah Green Floral Playdate Tunic 9

The dress was supposed to be a bit longer, but I shortened it a few inches.  She may be getting bigger but she’s still a peanut!  

Hannah Green Floral Playdate Tunic 5Hannah Green Floral Playdate Tunic 4

I stitched a little peter pan collar outline along the neckline and a y down the back, as per the pattern instructions. 

Hannah Green Floral Playdate Tunic 13Hannah Green Floral Playdate Tunic 14

In other news, my attempts to bulk up Hannah’s wardrobe this week might be in vain, because she spent most of yesterday fully to partially undressed.  Yep, potty training time.  Out of absolutely nowhere, she decided that she liked using her little potty, and stayed in the same pair of fully dry cotton underpants all day long, even going immediately when she woke up in the morning and from her nap.
Also, there was lots of shouting,
Mom!  Look!  I did my pee-pee water in the pink potty!  I did a great job!  Yaaaay!”  
Hannah Green Floral Playdate Tunic 2Hannah Green Floral Playdate Tunic 3
Also, it’s Kids Clothes Week, so I’m taking advantage and actually sewing for the kids again.  I had sworn off of my sewing machine since the week before Christmas, (Christmas bulb/tree/giraffe burnout I think), but now I’m back into it.  Wish me luck and check out what other people are sewing here.

kid's clothes week

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  1. Her little bun is so sweet! This is the second I've seen this pattern, and it is a memorable one. It makes me take a second look every time I see it. This version is perfection!

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