Hannah Says

April 3She has started using some more adult phrases instead of kid phrases for things, like announcing that her food is delicious instead of yummy (pronounced “ye-yi-shous“), or instead of buh-bye when we leave, will call out “Bye Dad!  See you soon!”

She has been conditioned to respond to U of L gear with Go Cards!  If one of us is wearing a U of L shirt or hat, or she sees a shirt drying or the mascot on a computer, she immediately yells “Go Cards,” and it sounds like “Gee cowds!”  It’s funny.

April 1She gets a little bit British on me when she loses something or someone.  

She’ll say “Mom? and then, “Where’s she gone?!” instead of “Where’d she go?”  Then she starts calling “Mom!!  Are are you?!” with a hand (or two) beside her mouth to help her call just a little more loudly.

HamHouse 39She has just finally started saying “I love you.”  She has hundreds of words in her vocabulary it seems, but those ones have just finally caught on and we’re glad.
RP 10RP 7When she wakes up in the morning she calls for Chris, but has started occasionally calling for me about an hour or so after she goes to bed out of no where.  She hasn’t been fussing or crying or anything, but will just suddenly yell, “Mom!  Mom!  Mom!”  Last night she did this about an hour and a half after I’d put her to bed, and Chris said, “It’s like she’s been sitting up there just playing solitaire or something.”  She didn’t want anything in particular, she wasn’t sad or dirty, just hadn’t fallen asleep yet and decided to shout for me.   Our little rascal.