Hannah Says…

Hannah is a talker, as I’ve said multiple times on here before.  We are less and less surprised as more and more new words come tumbling out every day, and that her little “toddler speak” is practically in sentences.  (Again, this couldn’t have been more different than Jayce, who at his 18 month doctor visit did not have his 20 words yet, and I was very worried.)  I guess this is just another of the many examples of how they are completely different.

The entertaining part for us now, is listening to which random adult-sounding phrases she throws out, and how often they are completely appropriate.
Jbirthdayhome 28Yesterday evening Jayce and I were in the living room, Hannah had run to get something in the kitchen, and when she returned, leaned on the couch with her elbows, looked at me expectantly and said,

“So.  Where were we?”Jbirthdayhome 29Last week Aunt Tasha set her (warm but not hot) coffee on the table to cool while she was packing up her suitcase.  Hannah thought it was mine, which always has some foam on top that she likes to play in/lick off, and apparently went for it.  I was doing dishes and suddenly heard a whimper.  I turned around and saw Hannah with coffee dripping down her face, onto her shirt, and on the floor.

“Oh no mama.  Wha happened?  A Tasha coffee on Hannah.”

I could really only agree.  

“Yes honey, Tasha’s coffee is on Hannah.  It’s okay.”  And I cleaned her up.  But I was really impressed that she could articulate this little scenario so well.Jbirthdayhome 30As to food and eating, she is pretty clear.

“I hun-gwy,” while rubbing her chest. (Yes, it’s supposed to be her belly, but she’s a tad high.)

First thing in the morning, she says, “Dad!  Ce-yal, juice!  (cereal and juice) Come on!”

She calls oatmeal, Me-yal, she calls popsicles by their colors (like standing beside the freezer saying, “Mom, come on!  A yellow one!”), and when she is done will declare, “Momma I binished! “(finished) or “All done, all clean! “

Jbirthdayhome 31There are a few places where she is a bit off.  

When she wants to go for a walk, take her babies out in the stroller, or any sort of outing, she declares, “Come on!  I ready go ho-me!! ” We’ve told her over and over that we are already at home, and that she means she’s ready to go bye bye, but it never sticks.

In her mind “go home” means “go somewhere” and it just won’t switch over.  But that’s okay.
Jbirthdayhome 32Sometimes when something isn’t right, she will inform me that it’s broken.  Like if I cover her up with a blanket and her feet aren’t covered, she’ll say, “Oh no momma!  Is broken!”  I am guessing this is because if her blanket is off, I offer to fix it, and you fix things that are broken?  I don’t know, but I still kind of like this one.

Jbirthdayhome 33Also, a favorite, is that she periodically tells us that we’ve done a great job.  When I hand her a sandwich, help her clean up her toys, walk alongside her, or a million other random little things, she’ll slip, “Oh!  Great job momma!” into her running narrative of everything that she sees, thinks, or is doing. She knows her colors, her shapes, can count to 11, and a variety of numbers and letters.  

Jbirthdayhome 34These things make it into her little sentences and it’s funny to hear her use them as adjectives.  She’ll say, “Hello black cat!” or” Momma, do triangle swings!” in reference to the swings in the upside-down v type frame.  The other day as we walked to school she leaned back in her stroller calling hello to the various colors that she saw, and later immediately informed Mom and Chelsea on Skype what color their shirts were, and what color shirts we were all wearing.  

It’s so funny to watch these instances of her mind expanding and learning and which things stand out to her.  2 is just such a fun age.