Hannah, you little peanut, you are the light of our life.
Sass 6I’ve come to realize over the past 5 years of being a parent, that your children bring different things to the family dynamic at different ages and seasons of their life. 
Right now, you are our own personal clown.Hbm 1Chef 5 We are always genuinely laughing at and with you.  You are imitating us, imitating your brother, imitating what you see on tv and around you.
You talk like a little adult, using little sentences, adult expressions, and facial expressions.  You will furrow your brows at your dad and tell him that he’s crazy if he’s dancing silly or being loud.  Or you join right in, dancing, shaking, and spinning until you’re dizzy, and we’re laughing right with you until we can’t resist for another second and need to scoop you up for a kiss.RP 5Hdice 6You are so cuddly, often demanding to be “nuggled,” as you’ll say, or most recently saying “Mommy, I hold you!” when you want to be held.  I know that I used to say this when I was little so I get a kick out of hearing it.
Zoo 7Hbday 7However, you are still a bossy, sassy little thing.  Last night you laid in your bed yelling,
Mom!  I hold you!  Mo-om!  You hear me Mom?  I hold you!  Mo-om, you hear me?
I mean, seriously Hannah.  You were just making sure that I heard that you bossing me around.  From your crib.
Mhtree 1Hcolor 1Easter 7But you are still just the sweetest.  
We can’t resist your chubby cheeks.  The way you hug your bears and babies and pat them lovingly on the back.  The way you run on your tippy toes and pump your arms.  Hannahfeb 4Hod 1HamHouse 32We can’t resist your little curls and flips.  Or the way you pronounce hands “hay-yonds” or pants “pay-yonts.”
Flippy 26
Hshoes 1Flippy 19We love how we are always in the middle of a tea party.  How you pretend to be asleep if you are caught doing something that you shouldn’t.  How you are always singing ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,’ except you say, “twinkle twinkle ra-di-o…”Row1Hwindow 1We love the way you ask your dad for chocolate the minute he walks in the door and then do a little happy dance.    The way you randomly cover your eyes, count to three, and then yell, “I coming!  Ready or not!”  How you have joined right in with the “Dad and Jayce Wrestle Time” at the end of the day and claimed it as your own.
Hpacking 11Christmas 11Christmas 14Most of all, we just love you little one.  You are a beautiful and wonderful little handful, and we’re so glad you are ours.  Happy 2nd Birthday.

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  1. I want to know her. She sounds so wonderful! What a sweet little girl.

    Matt and I were speaking the other day about how much we just genuinely missed you and Chris. Why is London so far from KY?

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