Hannah’s Birthday at Kew Gardens, Part 1

Are you getting sick of reading about dresses yet?  Because I am just a little sick of writing about them.  I have a few more sewing things to show, a few of the best actually, but even though I am excited to show them off I am getting a little bored writing exclusively about sewing.  So I’m taking a short break and writing about something else, like this. 
For Hannah’s birthday this year, we got up, opened gifts and hung around the house for a bit, and then we headed over to a favorite, Kew Gardens.
Kewgardens 1We packed a picnic and enjoyed the sunshine, and Hannah stuck flowers in Chris’ nose while he tried to sleep. 🙂Kewgardens 4Kewgardens 3Jayce was such a helpful little guy that day, and kept chasing after Hannah who kept trying to make a run for it in every direction while we ate.  Luckily, it is a big enough place that we can give her some free reign to run around and still keep an eye on her, but whenever she started to get a bit too far away, Jayce would go round her up and drag her back our way.Kewgardens 5But eventually we stopped torturing them with eating and let them get on with the playing. Kewgardens 12There is an indoor bug and garden themed play area that they ran around in for a bit. (They are looking at live butterflies in the picture above.)Kewgardens 6Kewgardens 13Kewgardens 9Kewgardens 8Kewgardens 10Kewgardens 11Then we eventually headed outside to play.Kewgardens 14I got this dress for Hannah for her 1st birthday, but it ran big, and she ran small, so it literally was down to her feet.  This year it fits great, and I thought a little “party scene” dress was just right for a 2nd birthday full of fun.Kewgardens 15After we played on the playground for a bit we decided to explore the grounds, and ended up in one of the greenhouses that has an aquarium in the bottom level.  Kewgardens 18Jayce was enamored.  He seriously loves fish and fish stuff, so he thought it was great.Kewgardens 16Kewgardens 17Kewgardens 19More soon.