Hannah’s Birthday at Kew Part 2 and Sleeping in Public

Kewgardens 24We left the green house and headed out back by the Rose Garden Tea Party that had recently been set up.Kewgardens 20Kewgardens 22Kewgardens 23By this time, we were all pretty pooped.  Hannah had already fallen asleep in her stroller, and Jayce was trying to fall asleep.Kewgardens 25Kewgardens 26So we stopped off one of the paths, parked Hannah  in the shade in her stroller, and Chris and Jayce grabbed a sunny spot nearby for a mid-day, full-sun snooze.Kewgardens 30Kewgardens 31Kewgardens 32Kewgardens 28I thought it was kind of funny and just wanted to take pictures, Kewgardens 29but it turns out that Jayce couldn’t sleep, so he joined me,Kewgardens 33and we took some pictures together.Kewgardens 34Kewgardens 35Then he wanted to use the big camera for a bit,Kewgardens 36one of his pictures, above, IMG 1436and I took one of him with my phone, in another one of those “I’m taking a picture of him taking a picture of me” circles like I’ve talked about before.Kewgardens 39Then we found one of those machines that presses your penny and turns it into a souvenir and Jayce was SO excited about it, as you can see.  In Hannah’s sunglasses. And the rest is history.Kewgardens 38Kewgardens 40Kewgardens 41Kewgardens 42