Hannah’s Minty Mod Nessie Tunic

Hannah s Large Navy Floral Raglan 25

Here is the strange thing about sewing clothes.  Sometimes you pick out fabric and a pattern and it looks so great in your head.  But when you put it together it looks weird, old fashioned, ugly, or like nothing special.  It’s a real bummer.
But sometimes something seems cute, you go for it, and it turns out so much better than you could have hoped for.  That is what happened with this little number.

Hannah s Large Navy Floral Raglan 36Ribbet collage

The top of the bodice and sleeves is from the Recess Raglan pattern, which I’ve used before three times here.  The bottom is the shape and length of the Nessie Top, one of my other versions is here.  It’s much sportier than my other Nessies, but fancier than my other Recess Raglans, and that is why sewing is so fun.  A different type of fabric can bring such a different feel, or a slight change in the pattern makes a completely new look.

Hannah s Large Navy Floral Raglan 2Hannah s Large Navy Floral Raglan 21

The floral on the bodice is a knit from Girl Charlee.  One hazard of buying online is that sometimes you don’t really know what you are going to get.  I must not have paid attention to the ruler when I bought this pattern because I imagined that this print would be tiny, but actually each flower is about 3 inches square or more.  It seemed too formal for a little girl, and I thought a contrasting sleeve, a bold neckline, and a swing-y shape would add some much needed youth.  That is just what I got.

Hannah s Large Navy Floral Raglan 9Hannah s Large Navy Floral Raglan 3

The floral fabric was paper thin, so I added a layer of white knit underneath, (one of dad’s old white t shirts), so that the white would pop and it would add some warmth.  The sleeve fabric is from a  Gap t shirt that was on clearance for 1.99, also doubled for warmth.  

Hannah s Large Navy Floral Raglan 22

After I had taken a round of pictures, Hannah declared that she wanted me to take a picture of her and teddy, one beside her and one on the windowsill, so I did.  Her crossed ankles and pointed toes here kill me.

Hannah s Large Navy Floral Raglan 13Hannah s Large Navy Floral Raglan 17

This is the first round of photos where, as I’m editing them, I realize that her legs are starting to look longer and thinner instead of short and chunky.  I’m trying not to get really bummed out by this.

Hannah s Large Navy Floral Raglan 19

I’m more than halfway through Kids Clothes Week now.  It’s always such a good challenge, and I’m not quite at the burnt out stage yet.  I’ll let you know when I get there.

kid's clothes week

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  1. When you started saying things don't always come together the way you imagine I thought you were nuts because this top is totally adorable! I'm glad I kept reading – ha! It really is the perfect mix of sporty/casual and really sweet. Love it!

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