Happy Bather

For the past month or so, now that Hannah has been sitting, I have been giving her a bath in her bigger baby tub, where she’s not reclining in the infant bath tub. It’s so much better for everyone. She’s more covered by the water so she’s not cold, I don’t have to hold onto her the whole time to keep her from trying to roll out of it, etc.

The first month she was pretty passive in there, just sitting sweetly and turning whatever toy I had given her over and over in her hands. But now, she does a bit of dancing.

It’s kind of like she thinks that she is in the exersaucer bouncing. She kind of bounces her whole body up and down, which kind of works in a sitting position, while her legs kick under the water and she flails her arms about. I often surrender a washcloth to her to bite while I wash her as well.

Photo 1

Chelsea got a little video of this bath time sass the other day on her phone. I’m so glad she did, I just love video documentation.

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