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Hannah woke up from her nap the other day, and was in such a happy and sassy mood that I just had to get my camera.  It’s hard to get pictures of her with any eye contact these days now that she is always on the move, and her confined in the highchair worked out perfectly.

Hhighchair 4Hhighchair 3Hhighchair 5Hhighchair 6

I’d just been taking pictures of some of the little details in the flat, (living room, coming at you this week!), and wanted to get pictures of the little details of my girl too.

Hhighchair 8Hhighchair 9Hhighchair 10

Lashes, fingers, smiles and sass.  Love her.

Hhighchair 11

2 thoughts on “Happy

  1. LOVE the new blog design! Gorgeous. : )

    Hannah is so precious! Love her sweet sassy smile. : )

    Also, that highchair is awesome. I am such a sucker for polka-dots. : )

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