He Loves His Mom

Yesterday afternoon Jayce and I were playing with his Halloween tin. It’s a good game. He puts it over his head, yells, laughs at how the noise sounds with his head inside, and I drum lightly on the top with my fingertips to make him laugh even more, which doesn’t take long.

All of the sudden, Jayce threw the tin off of his head and the edge of it cracked me on the ankle bone.

I rolled onto the floor, howling in pain in that, “this hurts so bad I can feel it in my teeth, but not enough to cry” sort of way.

Jayce ran over and laid down on top of me, rolling around on my back and imitating my noises. This didn’t seem to help, so he took a different approach and laid across my shoulders, hugging me, patting me on the shoulder and going “Awwwww. Awwwwww.” This didn’t completely shut me up either, because my howls had kind of turned into hysterical giggling. He looked around the room, brought me my glasses which had fallen off in the shuffle, and then a Sandra Boynton book, which we read together, and then I was all better.

3 thoughts on “He Loves His Mom

  1. Such a sweet story (and wonderful boy)!
    But the real question is, does it hurt as bad as being hit on the ankle bone by a thick handled plastic brush??

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