Heidelberg Day 5


On our 5th day in Heidelberg, we went to a castle in a nearby town for lunch and a tour of the gardens.  Both were incredible, the cold and rainy weather finally broke so we were able to enjoy most of the tour in the sunshine, which made for a much more enjoyable experience.


It was the season for white asparagus while we were in Germany, which apparently only lasts for 6 weeks of the year, and this is a huge source of excitement for the Germans.  It’s not a delicacy, but has that sort of connotation-something that isn’t available that often, is a bit expensive, and a huge treat when it is served, so we had this with a few meals.  One such meal was lunchtime on this day when it was our main, and we were encouraged to go for the 1 lb. serving of white asparagus for our lunch.  This photo is of my serving, which was only 1/2 lb.  Chris did receive the full 1 lb. serving, which was 9 stalks, each the size of a large carrot!  They didn’t taste bad, but it was such a monstrous amount.  I don’t think that I could eat 1 lb. of anything in one sitting, let alone this asparagus!


After our tour of the gardens, we headed back to Heidelberg for one of our best meals, which was served in the Heidelberg castle.  We all took a tram sort of thing up to the castle, where they had a champagne reception on the terrace before dinner, (I know!) complete with that same professional photographer snapping pictures while we all chatted.


We then headed into the castle for a delicious meal with an incredible view from our table.




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