Heidelberg Day 6 and 7

Our final days in Germany were good ones. Chris had colloquium on Monday in addition to Saturday, but it was the first time that there had been no activities planned for the spouses, so I was able to just sleep in, get our stuff together to leave the next day, organize our pictures a little and do some shopping.


The next morning we headed out for a leisurely breakfast of coffee and pastries, and ended up going back for seconds on both things! We were just enjoying finally having some time to debrief from the whole event, get our thoughts together and get mentally prepared to head to Edinburgh that afternoon.


We didn’t leave for the airport until after lunchtime, so we wandered around the city a bit more and got a few last pictures while the sun was shining. The weather ended up a lot better than it had started, and we had a warm and sunny day to end our stay and get some pictures by the river.


We enjoyed our last German meal in a little outdoor plaza, schnitzel, sausages, and apple strudel.


Also, more of our Germany pictures are now on Flickr, so click here if interested.

3 thoughts on “Heidelberg Day 6 and 7

  1. In case my previous comment regarding jealousy wasn't clear enough. Here are some things of which I am jealous. 1) You are in Europe. 2) You're camera is awesome. 3) You know how to operate it. šŸ™‚ 4) Um, Europe?! 5) Shut up. Champagne and dinner in a castle. Shut up.

  2. Edit! Edit! I know it should be "your camera" but instead I wrote "you're camera." "You are camera is awesome" I am really smarter than that. I promise.

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