Holidays and Blogs

I’m sure that I am not the only one with this dilemma, but during the time around a major holiday, such as Christmas or a vacation, my blog stresses me out just a little.  This year, after spending 10 days travelling, visiting with many different family members and friends, attending various events, and entertaining Jayce for 24 hours of driving, the thought of wading back through it all makes me feel a bit woozy.  So I’ve been putting it off and tending to my sanity instead.

Maybe it is just the OCD side of me.  The part that doesn’t want to write a blog out of chronological order, so if I want to tell a story, I have to tell the stories that occurred first.  Or the camera-happy part of me that took too many pictures and doesn’t want to wade through 500+ to choose the best to post.  Or the perfectionist side of me, that after finding the best ones, edits them before posting, which adds so much time to the process.  Or maybe it’s the part of me that knows how I need to make the most of naptime to unpack bags, sort new and old toys, and do laundry, even though I just want to curl up with my coffee and finish the Twilight series. 

Regardless of these things I will tend to my blog, even though some days it is quite the time-consuming project.  Because, in the end, it allows me to savor the moments that might otherwise have been forgotten.




Hope you have a wonderful new year, full of moments worth remembering.

6 thoughts on “Holidays and Blogs

  1. Lovely photos! You are good with that camera, so thanks for taking the time to do this.

    However, I hereby grant you permission to walk away from the blog and tend to your loved ones more often. (I have the opposite problem.. I know I need to get offline more yet here I am) If that's what your heart says to do, it is what it is. And you are smart to follow your own advice. 🙂


  2. Thank you! I couldn't be more excited!

    I also agree about blogging being stressful at times. Back dating is all I can tell you! It's a good friend of mine especially when I don't want my stuff out of chronological order.

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