Home For Some Holidays

Chris, Jayce and I were able to spend Thanksgiving with my family in Akron this year and we had such a great time. We haven’t had Thanksgiving with my side of the family for 6 years, so I was really looking forward to it hanging out and my aunt Barbara’s cooking! Jayce also hadn’t seen my side of the family since he was about 5 weeks old, including his two 3 year old cousins who apparently had been talking about “Baby Jayce” nonstop.

Jayce and I went a week early so that we had plenty of time to hang out and it was great. I have too many pictures of our time there but here are a few, including this one of Jayce, Chelsea and I talking to Chris on Skype while he was in Boston. It was hilarious, Jayce got so excited when Chris was on screen talking to him, as you can see in this pic.