Hooray Daddy!

Race 5There was a half marathon near Richmond the first weekend that Mom and Chelsea would be in town.  We had briefly discussed maybe running it with her, but since she would have just finished her first full marathon the weekend before, we obviously decided against it.

But the Wednesday before the run, one of Chris’ colleagues offered her bib to Chris because she had already registered but no longer would be able to run.  He took it.


So on Saturday morning, we got up, made a few signs, the kids ran around the house shouting encouragement to Chris who was already running, and we headed out to meet him at the finish line.

Race 1Race 2Race 3Race 4We arrived at a perfect time, about 10 minutes before he was set to finish.  We saw him coming, got our signs ready, and I had to get onto the course and flag him down before he saw us.Race 6When he got nearby, Jayce ran out onto the course with him and they crossed the finish line together.  Race 7Race 8The race photographers got pictures from the front of them both smiling as they cross the line, Jayce with his sign still in hand.  We’re definitely buying one.  I loved it.Race 9Race 10Race 12Race 11Happy race day Chris!