Hospital Time

One of my favorite parts of the first few days with both of my babies is that sweet hospital snuggle time.

Hospital 10Hospital 11

I attempted to get a few pictures of the sweetness by just holding my camera up over my head, pointing it downward and hoping for the best.

Hospital 12Hospital 14

Chris hates being in the hospital and pretty much as soon as both of our kids were born, he was ready to get out and go home.  But he always gets in on a snuggly nap as well.

Hospital 3

Hospital 2

Hospital 1

But I just love to tuck my legs up, cover my lap and sides with pillows, lay my little baby out, and just stare at her.  And as soon as I start to feel sleepy, I shift her over to my chest, prop some of those pillows around us both for support and drift off to sleep.

Hospital 6Hospital 7Hospital 8Hospital 4

My sweet little girl at 2 days old.

Hospital 13 1

On a side note, some old lady in town knits these soft little pink and blue hats and donates them to the hospital for the newborns, in lieu of those pink and blue striped ones.  Aren’t they sweet?!  I want to do that when I’m an old lady.



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