How We’re Doing: On Hannah

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This weekend Hannah got a new package of headbands at the grocery store with Chris.  They are slightly big and the cheap fabric-covered kind with no teeth to hold onto the hair, so she has spent all weekend with a hair accessory that doesn’t hold her hair back, fit on her head, or stay in place.  Instead it falls across the middle of her bangs with large chunks of hair still in front of her ears, and causes me to twitch just slightly.  Yesterday she said, “Mom, look!”  She lowered the band over her eyes and then pushed it back up on her head, and yelled, “I’m just like a basketball player!!”

Do basketball players do that?  I guess they do, sometimes, with their sweat bands.  Or at least one of them has at one time and Hannah took notice.

How is Hannah?  Hannah is tornado of enthusiasm.  Yes!!  She would love to go with you to the grocery store, make a card, kick the soccer ball, help open the mail, snuggle and watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  I have never met a child who is so opinionated and yet so eager to participate in whatever activity is on the table.  She just wants to come to the party.  Actually, she is the party.

The multiple moves and changes of this past year seem to have had no negative impact on Hannah.  Her “up for anything” and sunny demeanor have helped her to sail straight through potential rough patches.  She loved London, she loves Louisville, she loved her old friends, she loves her new friends.  She’s a happy camper.

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She also is a little sponge, constantly picking up little phrases and spitting them back out at us at surprisingly appropriate times.  I really never know what is going to come out of her mouth, aside from a verbal stream of consciousness that does not know an inside voice.

Last week she wanted to make an Easter cake, and upon discovering that she couldn’t because we didn’t have any cake mix, she vanished up the stairs to her bedroom in protest.  When she didn’t reappear after five or ten minutes, I called upstairs, “Hannah?  What are you doing honey? …what?

I’m looking at my flower mirror for a very long time!!”

I wonder where this came from?  Which tv show has an angst-y young girl staring into the mirror contemplating the ways in which she had been wronged?

Hannah 1

She swore at dinner a few weeks ago and really caught us by surprise.

We were having pizza and above the usual chatter rang out, “What the hell is that cat doing?!”


It turns out that she heard that from a song on the radio, and with a little prompting I found out that it was a song she heard in dad’s truck and not in mom’s car.  So some country song is probably to blame.

First Day of Preschool 8

On School

You may remember how in August we started Jayce at the school near the house that we were building, even though it was an hour commute twice a day.  It made sense for him.  For Hannah, however, we started her at a preschool that was near the Keith’s house in September, and then a new preschool near our home the week that we moved into our new house.

There was never any anxiety or sadness, she just rolled with it.  She loved her old preschool but she loves her new preschool too.  Where ever school is, she is a happy camper there.

Hannah colors 2

Hannah colors 4

Kindergarten is next year and Chris and I were a little unsure if we would sign Hannah up at first.  This is based entirely on her age since she has a summer birthday.  As it stands she will turn six just after the school year ends, setting her up to move through her entire education as one of the youngest in her class.

Hannah 3Hannah 5

But she is so ready for Kindergarten.  She is always writing, drawing, coloring, and trying to read and spell.  She has started writing words phonetically without any prompting for us. Right after we came home from the hospital in January she drew a picture for Michael on the chalkboard and wrote above it MIKAL.  Since then she is always trying to read words on signs, on books, on random papers or boxes.

 She is confident and social, opinionated and strong-willed.  So about a month ago we signed her up to start next year.  She’ll be young but I know that is no factor in her being successful.

That said, I’m going to be a wreck in the fall without her.


On Friends

Hannah has always joined in whenever Jayce was playing with his friends in London, and it never occurred to her that they might be over to play with him and not her.  She assumes that they are all there to play together and this has worked for her thus far.

This has completely carried over to our current situation.  I am still a little bit amazed every time that Jayce and Hannah are around a new group of kids and how they just start playing with no real warm up period.  It is excellent.March-1

We lucked out that a few weeks after we moved into our house we got new neighbors with four children, and their kids’ ages all slot in between our three kids.  They moved in right around the time that Michael was born (end of November) so we missed out on getting them together with everything that was going on then.  But in the past month, now that the weather has warmed up enough for us all to emerge from our homes, the five big ones have become as thick as thieves.  They want to play together every day and sometimes they do.  The run around in the backyard, the jump on the trampoline (theirs), explore the (tiny) woods, and return home with muddy clothes.  They love it and Chris and I couldn’t be happier.

Halloween 2
Hannah also has a friend Seth who is her age and whom she adores.  She regularly tells me that he is her best friend, sometimes that she is going to marry him, and just this week that he is not her BFF, but her BFE – Best Friend Ever!  I’m happy to say that the feeling is mutual, and Seth is as much of a fan of Hannah as she is of him. 🙂


Buddies 2Buddies 6

On Being a Big Sister

I have mentioned before how well Hannah has taken to Michael, which is basically as good as she possibly could.  Michael is the absolute apple of Hannah’s eye.  When he wakes up and is on the changing table she will dance around my legs saying, “I want to see Michael’s eyes! I want to see Michael’s eyes!” until I pick her up to greet him, and then she’ll run off to get her stool so she can stand beside me while I change and dress him.

Buddies 1Michael with boppy 17Buddies 10Buddies 8
Chris recently told Hannah that he would (unfortunately) be out of town on her birthday.  She ran over to me and reported this, and then immediately asked, “Will Michael be here for my birthday?”  Upon finding out that he would she didn’t bother to ask about anyone else.

Buddies 7

Every night before bed Hannah prays the same prayer.

Dear God, thank you for my family and thank you that Michael is safe, healthy, and better.  Amen.

It’s the exact same every night.  She also prays that prayer before she eats.  Her baby brother seems to always be at the front of her mind, and wherever he is, she is close by.  She is such a good big sister.

HnM 1