I Couldn’t Resist It: The Knight Hoodie for Perfect Pattern Parcel

A Knight Hoodie  Our Family Four 1

 I’m so excited to show you another garment available through Perfect Pattern Parcel today because this one has been a long time coming.  Jayce saw me reading about this Knight Hoodie pattern one day several months ago when it first came out, and when he saw it said, “Oh cooooool.  Mom, will you get me one of those?” and I said, “Buddy, I will MAKE you one of those!”  So I bought the pattern, printed it, then I got snowed under a bunch of other sewing commitments and it never happened.  But it has been on my Must Make ASAP list and I’m so glad I finally jumped on it because, you guys, it’s so much better than I was even hoping for.
A Knight Hoodie  Our Family Four 2
A Knight Hoodie!!  Am I right?!  The design is just so great and fun and classic.  Even though (obviously) it looks a bit like armor, it’s not overdone, it’s not costume-y, it doesn’t look like it belongs on a little boy only or for Halloween (although both would be cute) it’s a little extra fun.
It is so awesome that the Knight Hoodie comes as a part of the Perfect Pattern Parcel this round because you get all of these classic patterns for your little mans wardrobe (a few of which could be used for a boy or a girl) AND you get this excellent bonus pattern when you pay more than $26 for the bundle.
If you bought this pattern on it’s own you would pay $12, or instead, you can pay $26 and get SIX patterns!!!  
Pattern Parcel #4
The bundle is only available until Friday, so grab it now before you forget and it is gone!!

Buy Pattern Parcel #4
I loved sewing this Knight Hoodie for Jayce.  For some reason I was worried that it would be really tricky just because it seems like there are a lot of extra elements with the armor pieces, but it honestly isn’t.  The pattern is designed for an advanced beginner and I would totally agree with that classification.  It’s less involved than both of the other jackets that I made last week, took less time and concentration, but came away with an incredible product.  
But the best part is still yet to come!!  It turns out that…

A Knight Hoodie  Our Family Four 2A Knight Hoodie  Our Family Four 11

if you dress your son like a knight, he just might act like one.
Hannah was sitting quietly(ish) while I was taking Jayce’s pictures, but eventually couldn’t take it anymore, unbuckled herself from her stroller, and came charging over to us hoping to join in.  And instead of getting annoyed, Jayce smiled at her and invited her to stand with him.
A Knight and a princess 3Then he knelt down beside her, declaring, “No I have to kneel like this, because this is how knight always do it.
A Knight and a princess 1A Knight and a princess 2
Then there were smiles and sweetness and overall contentment.A Knight and a princess 8
But then the sun started getting in his eyes and he was over it all.  But that was okay, because there were still those few moments, and they were worth it. 🙂
A Knight Hoodie  Our Family Four 3A Knight Hoodie  Our Family Four 4
But back to the pattern…
the details details details just make this jacket.  Armor pieces that wrap over the shoulder, a helmet shaped hood, a face plate and visor, all accented with a few buttons.  It turns out that I put the armor pieces on the wrong part of the arm (they are supposed to be up, not down) but does it matter?  No.  Still looks great. 🙂
A Knight Hoodie  Our Family Four 16
I can’t say that I’m too surprised.  The lady who designed this hoodie, Elisa of Charming Doodle, is the same designer of the Kudzu Skinnies that I made last week, so we all know that the woman has her details down pat!!  I love both of these and I cannot wait to sew up more of her stuff.
A Knight Hoodie  Our Family Four 10A Knight Hoodie  Our Family Four 18
I also can’t wait to finish my sewing from this bundle.  My skinny jeans fabric is cut, and the vest and button up fabric has been purchased.  I wish I was quick enough to have them all ready for the tour, but if you buy the bundle now we can sew them up together. 🙂

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