I Like You, by Erin’s Instagram

In mini-blog/instagram form, here is a little round up of things I’m loving right now.
1.) Jayce and Hannah’s combined birthday party at KoJo Designs today.

IMG 0289

I’m finally sharing the details and pictures from the kids’ “Balloon and Bunting Birthday” today at KoJo Designs, as a part of their Color My Summer series.  I love that blog, and it’s co-host Delia Creates, and I loved our party, so it’s an all around winner.
 2.) Blue in the kitchen.

IMG 0557

Dear blue pots, you make kitchen time more endurable, and I promise to never ever sell you on Etsy, even though that was my original intent.  You’ve bewitched me with your blue-ness.
3.) Bangs and Beach Hair.

IMG 0455

A few months ago my friend gave me these bangs, which I really love.  But the last time I got my haircut, the hairdresser was like, Have you ever used sea salt spray?  It gives you that beach hair look.  
I was a little horrified at first, thinking about what my hair usually looks like after a day at the beach, but she reassured me, saying my hair was the right texture for the spray to make it kind of piece-y and windblown.  So I decided to go for it.  And I love it.  
So I’ll probably have this hairstyle for the next 7 years or so, because that seems to be about as often as I change my do. 
4.) Jayce.
IMG 0540
You found this discarded ornament in my craft room, apart from the ornaments in the basement because it is flawed.  So you hung it up, went on with your business, and I discovered it later.  When I saw it, I stopped what I was doing to take a picture, then went over to you and smothered you with kisses.  That was your reward for being so stinking precious.
5.) Spinach in my smoothie.
IMG 0532
As a salad you look too much like pond leaves for me to enjoy.  But in my smoothie, you add all of your super-food goodness, and I swear I don’t even taste you.
6.) Fireflies.
IMG 0558
Each night you lure Chris and Jayce out, past Jayce’s bedtime, and I pretend not to notice them sneaking out and whispering, “Don’t let mom see us!”  Jayce is beside himself with excitement, squatting down and waiting for just the right moment, and cheering upon his victory.  Maybe one night you will survive an attack alive and un-maimed.
7.) Hannah’s cheeks.
IMG 0556
I want to eat you.  Seriously.
8.) My iphone.  
IMG 0488
A few years ago when Chris got his smartphone, I was like, I just want a phone with buttons.  I don’t want to have to look at it and mess with it while I’m driving, etc.  
The next year when we switched providers I was like, I don’t need something where I can check my email and facebook, I stay home, I can do that any time at the computer.
But I’ve discovered that there are lots of non-email benefits, which are splendid, and deserve their own post.  And today while I was driving, I was thinking about all of the things going on next week and thought, I wish my phone had Suri, so I could just announce what I needed on my calendar for next week and it would be there.  Apparently I’ve caught the bug.
9.) Chris.

IMG 0526

Not only did you get me a massage for Mother’s Day, but you kept the kids so that I could have a morning to myself.  Very well played, my dear.
10.) Pretty sign in my yard.
IMG 0566
You have been spilling our little secret all week, and are a sweet reminder of good things to come.

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  1. Ok…there are so many things I loved about your post. The pots, the lanterns, your adorable baby, the sold sign, your massage. Wonderful! I am happier from having read your post. Thank you for sharing your loves this week.

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