I Made Hannah A Dress

Last weekend, I made Hannah a dress.  On Friday I put the pattern together, cut it out, and started sewing.  I sewed again on Saturday night, a late one, while we watched the Cards play in the Final Four. The weekend was good luck for us of all apparently.  On Sunday I was finished.  And happy.
Row1I couldn’t get a picture of the front of the dress because Hannah kept running away, as toddlers do.  So I did what any sensible mom would do, I put her on a tiny little table. (I know, I know, I’m shaking my head at myself as I type, but I was right there and it was low and she thought it was cool.)

Row2She did what any toddler would do when put on a “stage” like this.  She danced.  And sang.  And stopped occasionally to sip on tea.

Dress 10At one point she stood still for 2 seconds because she heard a noise outside and I got a picture of The Hannah Doll.  Seriously, she looks like a doll, right?! 🙂
Dress 4Then I gave her her bear to reward her for her 30 seconds of sweet dancing and concentration, and she excitedly squeezed it tight and said, “Ahhhhhhhhhhh!”  

Dress 11She was a little more subdued with her bear and a ponytail.  This is her serious look apparently.  She was triumphant with her bear at the beginning, but by the end she was over it.  DresswbearSo I took her down and let her play.

Dress 17Zigzagtunic 1Dress 2The pattern is this zig zag dress pattern that I was lucky enough to be able to try just before it was released and I had so much fun with it.  

 I also screwed up a few things, cut my fabric wrong a few times, and spent a considerable amount of time with my seam ripper.  BUT I still am really glad I did it, even though it stressed me out.  I learned a lot, and now that I’ve done it I don’t have to be so nervous about making another one.  Sewing a dress from scratch just sounds so daunting, doesn’t it?  But it wasn’t, it was just one step at a time, and eventually it was a dress! 🙂  And that makes me happy.  I also made button holes with my machine for the first time and I was really proud of myself afterwards.

Now I have all of these ideas for dresses and fabric I could use.  Too bad my goal for this month isn’t “make Hannah a wardrobe of dresses.”  Or maybe I can try to squeeze that in too.

2 thoughts on “I Made Hannah A Dress

  1. Oh, I just LOVE this dress! It turned out beautiful! One of these days, I might have to tackle a dress for one of my girls! : )

    And the Hannah doll is perfect.

  2. I still can't believe this is your first dress! and first buttonholes. Awesome! Such a cute post, thanks again for testing!!

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