I’ll Ask Hannah

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Jayce has been exploring his new favorite book this week, AKA the new Toys R Us catalog.  As I was changing Hannah’s diaper, he called to me from the other room about something in there that he wants.

Mom, can I get this Mom?

I don’t know buddy.  Maybe you can ask Santa for it.

Okay Mom!

He then runs into the room and pulls the book over by Hannah and starts to show her the pictures, telling her about the different toys.  I smile at how sweet this is, until I realize that he must think that I said to ask Hannah for it.

Oh, no buddy.  I said maybe you should ask San-ta for it.  Not Hannah.

He looks up at me then down at her and says, Mmmm, that’s okay Mom.  I’ll just ask Hannah.

Apparently he thinks the options are equal.  I guess they kind of are.

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