Jayce 1

Jayce has trouble with the word “airport.” He starts to say “airplane” but by the time he reaches the pla part of the word, he remembers that he needs to switch to port. So it ends up coming out, “airpa-ort.” He gets really frustrated, and will try again, (and I laugh sometimes) because he will end up saying, “airpa-ort, airpa-ort” with a little stutter in the middle as he’s trying to get it right.

Yesterday while we were at the grocery store Jayce was telling me about how sometimes he rides in an airplane to go see Grandma and Chelsea. He eventually said, “Mom and Jayce go to airpa-ort, airpa-ort, airpa-ort…plane station.”

I was really impressed with this. Chris was only impressed the first 2 times that I mentioned it to him.

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