I am helping coach LCU’s girls soccer team this year and am really enjoying it. We have a good routine now where Jayce comes to practice with me and Chris picks him up about a half hour later, where Jayce has typically been having the time of his life! (more on that later)

We’ve only been practicing for a few weeks now, and I am usually really busy at the start of practice fielding questions, catching up with the other coach, taping ankles, etc. Jayce is really busy pretending that he’s a part of the guy’s team and following them around, unpacking the ball bags, trying to drink out of everyone’s water bottles, running around the fields and kicking the balls. Unfortunately, since I just started coaching, I have been hesitant to bring my camera and let everyone see that I’m one of those crazy camera moms just yet. But this is driving me crazy because I have been missing the cutest and funniest shots!! Therefore, in order to appease myself, I came to practice early one day last week with my camera in tow, and let Jayce run around and play on the indoor field for a bit.

He loved having such a big space to run around on and I was cracking up at him, especially in the action shots! I was a part of a few different indoor teams throughout and after college, so I’ve been debating on a good Schleigh name for him (my college team), or one of those highly intimidating names where you change the “er” ending to an “a” to up the intimidation factor, such as “destroya” or “crusha.” I haven’t decided on anything yet, but I’ll let you know.

The lighting wasn’t great in the gym and the walls were really dirty and scuffed up, which I thought kind of lent to this grungy looking, high-contrast, low color editing. What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Indoor

  1. I think those pictures look great! Love them. Jayce is so cute. I can't imagine how much fun having that big open space would be for a little boy. I also love the post about him looking under the couch for stuff. How cute is that?

    Thanks for reading my blog and giving me the link to the camera strap tutorial. I had not seen that and am so excited about it. I figured they were probably pretty easy to make and I would LOVE to pick my own fabric! I am going to pass it on to my Mom and make her do the dirty work! : )

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