Irish Dancing

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, I’ll just go ahead and admit that I never remember St Patrick’s Day.  The kids don’t do anything special at school, I don’t send them in green because they’re in uniforms (or at least Jayce is), and I don’t think to do special holiday things around the house like dye our various meals green.  I know, pretty lame, right?  But I forget year after year.

However, I DO have this wonderful video of Hannah and Hadley dancing with professional Irish dancers at an Irish Pub in Disney World.  She absolutely adored this and killed it on the dance floor.  Watch for around :40 when she does a double high kick and gets cheers from the other diners.  Hadley was like, “Uh…I’ll just let Hannah do this one.”

I have watched this video over and over since this summer.  It is so my girl, ready to dive into whatever it is, full force.

And it’s so cute that she can’t find her hips to put her hands on.  Three year olds just kill me.