Isle of Misfit Trees

One of my lovely friends made a comment a little bit ago, which I loved her for, that I should change my tag from “attempts at being crafty and domestic” to “ways I rock at being crafty and domestic.”  I emailed her back and reminded her that the advantageous thing about writing your own blog is that it shows only what you want it to show, and my failed attempts were not typically the things that I posted. 

But I’ll suspend that rule for a bit today and show off a few of the failed attempts.  I’m afraid that this will be their only moments in the sun, for they are currently tucked away in my room and will likely not be appearing again this holiday season, or maybe ever.

First, I give you, The Leaning Tree of Lincoln.  Remember how I said that when I first made these little trees, I tried to use a glue and water mix to harden them?  Well, it didn’t work so well.  And I was left with a few of these.  If I remove my hand, it will instantly fall over, and it’s just not that pretty to decorate your house with trees that are lying on their side.  In my opinion.


I tried to coax it into standing tall and proud by convincing it that it could be a glam little tree.  I thought that maybe some spray paint could stiffen it up a bit, and gussied it up with a little Dollar Store silver platter and tiny Christmas balls.  But then, like an idiot, I put it in the bathroom.  Completely disregarding the fact that, a little moisture is probably not the best thing to do with an already saggy tree.  After only a few showers, it looked like this. 


In conclusion, sometimes, trying to be clever and use items that are already around your house (like Elmers glue) just doesn’t pay off.  Instead, suppress your inner middle school sense of humor, and just buy some of this stuff.  It works.2009_11_20_4312

Next, I give you this little guy.  Who I call…

2009_12_03_4575Slinky Tree.  For you lovers of all things 80’s, it might be the perfect tree for you, though I have not yet taken it to the stairs to see if it will walk down.  Maybe this afternoon.


I thought I could do something to help this little guy, but he was a bit too close to the edge of the table.  Too close to the eager hands of my son, who I heard saying “No. No.”, which he does when he has something he is not allowed to play with, and by the time that I got over to the table it was even more unraveled than it is here.  I am trying to do something with this one, since the twine is already cone-shaped, but it may require more hot glue and patience than I have at the moment.  Especially since they are so easy to make, it may be less time-consuming to just start another from scratch.

As for these two, the Side Leaning Set, I don’t know if they can be helped.  They are standing up, which is more than I can say for the Leaning Tree of Lincoln.  But other than a little Dr Seuss village, where leaning and wonkey-looking trees would be appropriate, I’m not sure what to do with them.


Hmmm, a Dr Seuss villiage…

9 thoughts on “Isle of Misfit Trees

  1. i love this post! it made me bust out laughing. i think every diyer can relate to your post at some level! :o) i stumbled across your blog from the crafters file box and i love your ideas! i'm a new follower and can't wait to see your future projects!

  2. Thank you for being willing to lower the crafty veil and making the rest of us feel a bit more human.

    By the way, one, two, three, four, I declare a link war. 🙂 Except, I think maybe you already did that. Oh well, a trivial matter.

  3. This is great! I actually like the leaning trees, they just have a bit more character!

    I would have to agree that you definitely rock at being crafty! : )

  4. I know I'm YEARS late, but I found your normal tress via Pinterest. These are so much more fun!

    I burst out laughing when I saw the slinky tree. ((I've got a painter over to finish the house, I'm not spoiled, I swear! and he turned around and stared at me, sitting alone in the corner suddenly laughing like a maniac.))

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