Jayce, Chelsea and Run


Mom and Chelsea’s trip to visit us wrapped up too quickly, as all of our family visits do.


But before they left, we had to get a picture of Chelsea and Jayce in their matching Run DMC shirts, one that she had gotten him for Christmas last year, and one of her own.  She is a HUGE 90s music fan, (who isn’t though, right?), and wanted to pass a little of this along to her favorite nephew.


Of course, there was a “kiss picture” and a “make a silly face” picture.


I think the addition of these last 2 to the first 2 reduce the “I’m smiling because I’ve been promised chocolate” a little bit from the series.  At least that’s what I’m hoping.



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2 thoughts on “Jayce, Chelsea and Run

  1. Oh thank goodness!!! My job feels complete now that I know at least one friend has learned the reward caps pay off…ha! Now I only wish someone had told me about them years ago. I would have about a million points by now (not really that many..ha) I found out through my neighbor. We would meet at the mailbox often and I noticed that she always recieved some awesome magazines.She shared and now we are BFF's..ha! Enjoy~

  2. oh i like the bribing technique! i haven't tried that for smiling for pictures, i've been using it for holding ice packs to bumps on the head! all of the pics from your mom and chelsea's visit turned out great… i have to admit i had timmy practicing his summersaults after seeing jayce doing them off the bed! 😉

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