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As I typed the name of this post, simply “Jayce & Hannah,” it occurred to me that this is the first of probably many posts with the same subject, my two children. We are still getting used to that language around here, saying “the kids” instead of simply “Jayce.” It feels strange but fits at the same time.

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Jayce has been really great with Hannah thus far. We try not to force her on him, like we don’t make him tell her goodnight every evening or regularly draw his attention to whatever she’s doing. We obviously talk about her, but I really wanted to see how he responded to her without any prompting. The result has been so sweet.

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Hannah was home from the hospital for a few days before Jayce requested to hold her. When he holds her it’s only for about 5 seconds before he realizes that he’s bored, or annoyed with us for helping him hold her, and then he’s done with it. But he always gives her a kiss on the forehead first, and then pats it in. (This is based on a little game he and Chris play – Jayce sometimes wipes off kisses that Chris gives him, mostly to antagonize Chris to come give him more. But kisses that have been “patted in” can’t be wiped off.)

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Whenever Jayce talks to Hannah it is in a high pitched voice. One of the things that he always says to her, besides “Hi Hannah,” is “Look at those tiny little fingers,” or “Look at those tiny little toes.” He says this even when her toes are covered up, so I think he must have heard someone (or many someones) make this comment.

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We had both car seats out the other day and I had to get a picture of the kids in their respective seats. I did this mostly because Hannah is currently in Jayce’s old infant car seat, the one that he outgrew around 7 months or so when we bought him the car seat that he is in currently. He seemed so incredibly small in that big seat at the time, and it is crazy to me how he fits in that seat now and how soon she will need a new bigger seat as well.

Also notable about the picture above is that each child has their “bear.” Jayce has 2 bears (those “blanket with a head” things) that he sleeps with and snuggles when he’s sad or sick, so before Hannah was born we took him to the store and let him pick one out for her as well. Technically hers isn’t a bear, it’s a monkey, with a pink edge and a pink bow behind her ear, but we still call it her bear. If Jayce sees it sitting out he will bring it over to Hannah and tuck it in beside her.

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Jayce loaned Hannah his prized blue blanket one day while she was sleeping, but once he got up to his bed for his nap he realized that he needed it for himself. He sent Chris down to ask Hannah if he could have his blanket back, and after Chris retrieved it Jayce sent him back down with his “rocket blankie,” the comforter from his new toddler bed set. He often sends one of us out of his room at nap time with his rocket blankie to take to Hannah. It’s very sweet.

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Several people had mentioned that his potty training would probably regress once Hannah was born and that hasn’t been the case. Actually, it has actually gone a few steps further. He is now peeing standing up, which is a real accomplishment on the days that he manages to keep that fire hose under control. Also, the times that he goes to the bathroom in the toilet and calls one of us in to help him, when we arrive he says, “Ta da!” We did not teach him that.

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  1. He is such a great big brother! My daughter is almost 2 and my son is almost 8 months. They LOVE each other. She is constantly kissing her "bubba" and she talks in a high pitched voice to him as well. Two kids has been a lot of fun in my home 🙂

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