Jayce in January

I haven’t really written much about just Jayce in a little bit, other than his potty stuff, so I thought it was about time he got his own post.


1.) He brought home this maze from church a few weeks ago. The lady showed it to me and told me that he just sat down at the table and did it without any assistance, and was pretty impressed. I am too. Granted, it’s not a very involved maze, but we’ve never worked on mazes with him before so I was pretty surprised that he did it with so little difficulty. Definitely fridge worthy.


2.) His genius does seem to have it’s limits. He did this at the store the other day. Chris and I were looking at coats at Kohl’s and the women’s under ware section was just across the aisle. Jayce wandered off for a second and came back with under ware on his head, like it was nothing. We cracked up until a lady walked by, stopped, and then said to us, “Boy, some times you really need a camera, huh?” and then went on.

When we first pulled out the big boy pants, I could hear Chris and Jayce having a conversation like this in the other room.

“Jayce, that’s not a hat buddy, it’s under ware.”

“No Dad. A hat.”

After coaxing him into wearing these for a few days, now he knows what they are.



3.) He likes things to be in order. I would like to claim this, but this is just like both Chris and I. I walked by these piles of block books the other day and had to snap a picture. Notice they are stacked by color and in order by height. Is this perhaps a little too OCD for a 2 year old? I don’t know, maybe. Our whole house isn’t like this and his toys certainly aren’t, so I think a little bit here and there is okay.


4.) In addition to the many other things that he likes or does now and we wonder if he’ll continue to like in the future, such as golf, basketball, baseball, dancing and singing, we’ll now add cooking. There is no way that someone in our house can make anything involving adding ingredients or using a mixer without his assistance. He’s not the tidiest helper, but he is very enthusiastic.


Also, he likes competitive cooking shows. I turned on Cupcake Wars the other night for the first time when there was nothing on, honestly thinking to myself, “How could this show possibly be entertaining?” Surprisingly, it was. Very entertaining. Jayce wandered in while I was watching and snuggled up on the couch with me, and stayed there watching the whole show. (I mean, there were cupcakes on it!) He also likes Kitchen Impossible (also could be called Cooking Impossible…Something Impossible anyway). He saw some of it once with me, and has requested it several times since, asking for the “cooking man show.”


5.) We got all of the little kids together for a Christmas tree picture for Christmas, which I shared originally here. Jayce had chapped lips that he was messing with while we were taking the pictures, and I kept telling him, “Jayce, put your hand down.” At one point he did actually leave his lips alone, looked at his hand, and then did this for the rest of the pictures. I wasn’t really sure what this was at first. 2? Peace? Until I remembered this at home.

Week 3-13-1.jpg

Funny kid.

E1025F317CFB5B8E9E5C526E5CC0F475 copy.png

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  1. Jayce is seriously awesome. And totally a genius. Just like his Mom & Dad! : )

    Really I am totally impressed by that maze and the book stacking.

    And the kohl's incident is stinkin' hilarious. Cracks me up to picture that. He is a funny kid.

    He is just a cool little guy! Love it.

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