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With all of the excitement (and pictures) surrounding Hannah this last little bit, I hope you don’t think I’ve forgotten about my biggest baby. (Who looks like he’s about 8 years old in these pictures.) Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten as many photos of him recently as I normally do. This is not because I’m too busy photographing Hannah, but because I’m too busy holding Hannah, who’s poor belly is still not completely right, and often needs to be held upright to be comfortable. I love the snuggles, but it’s killing my back and not leaving me with any free hands for a camera. So I take advantage when I can, like these from when we were playing outside the other day.

J 1

Here are a few Jayce-isms of these past few months.

Whenever we went to the doctor for the last few months of my pregnancy Jayce would go with us. The first time that he heard the heartbeat, he glanced up quickly and when we asked him if he knew what that noise was, he replied with a smile, “A choo choo!!” We corrected him, but he’s right, if you aren’t thinking “heartbeat” it really does sound like a train. Also, when I was pregnant he would mimic Chris by checking on me a lot. It would always crack me up when he would run over to me and say, “Erin, are you okay Mom?” Luckily I’ve nipped the “Erin” thing in the bud.

Chris and Jayce have a new game at the end of the night when Jayce gets his allergy medicine.

Jayce climbs up on the barstool in our kitchen and orders various foods from the waiter (Chris), including his medicine. It is rather elaborate, with “sir” thrown in almost constantly.

Chris: Hello sir, what can I get for you tonight?

Jayce: Hello, waiter sir, I want some corn soup, strawberries, and broccoli, sir.

Chris: Okay sir, I’ll get those for you. How about some medicine, sir?

Jayce: Okay sir. (drinks medicine) Thank you, sir.

Etcetera etcetera. With a million variations. It is normally a much longer exchange between Jayce sir and waiter sir, (sometimes called ‘Dad sir’), but I need to move on for now.

Jayce 2

He has started singing a lot. I’ve mentioned before how Chris will rock and sing to him before bed most evenings, but a few weeks ago Jayce surprised him by suddenly singing along. Now this isn’t that crazy of a thing, I’ve posted videos before of him singing and it’s not a strange thing for a child to do. But it wasn’t the Itsy Bitsy Spider or something simple like that, it was Dixieland Delight, by Alabama. He knows all of the words, and not just the chorus! It’s kind of funny, and kind of adorable. I couldn’t resist trying myself and came to discover that he knows all of the words to the songs that I sing him too. So now we sing our bedtime songs together, with is super sweet.

He often wants to be carried upstairs at bedtime, declaring that, “the stairs are too heavy!” I think that one of us must have asked him one time when he requested to be carried upstairs, “Oh, are your legs too heavy?” and he is a bit mixed up. But we haven’t corrected this yet and I think it’s cute.

Jayce 1

Yesterday Chris went to assist Jayce at the end of a trip to the potty. As Chris walked in the room, Jayce said, “Ta da!”

Chris: I don’t know where you got that, buddy, but I like it. (Alluding obviously to the “ta da.”)

Jayce: I got the poop from my booty, and the pee from my penis.

Now what do we do with that?

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