Jayce: Legos, a Fireman on Holiday, and Sweetest Sweetness

Christmas Things 4

Here is a strange thing about me: If I’m blogging about just one child for a few days in a row, it makes me really miss the other child.  Weird, right?  Like, when I’m writing and sorting through pictures of Hannah, I think, “I miss seeing Jayce’s face.”  So then I grab some pictures of him too. 🙂

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As for my boy and what he is up to right now, there is only one word.  Lego.
Every day he’s building, dis/re-assembling, or setting the figures and vehicles up in different scenes.

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Last week he was playing and we heard him say, as one of the Lego firemen,  “I just came here for a holiday!  Not to do any extinguishing!”
Duty calls in the life of a Lego fireman.

Jayce legos 2

Also, this little beauty happened last week and I can’t forget it.  
I’ve talked before about how Jayce and I used to dance to this song, called Half of My Heart, a lyric which is repeated multiple times throughout the song.
He brings it up periodically and asks me to sing it to him, and I always think as I’m singing it that it isn’t a song I would have chosen to sing to my kid, because I’m pretty sure the writer is saying that he’s only ever going to love this person with half of his heart.  But Jayce will grab my hand while I’m singing to him and snuggle it up under his chin or against his cheek and smile at me.  And the other night he stopped me and said, “But Mom, I don’t just love you with half of my heart.  I love you with my whole heart!”

Christmas Morning 31

As I’m typing this I realize that it may sound a little cheesy, or prompted, but it is not.  The expression of eagerness on his face and his sweet voice just melted me.  It made me think that someday he is going to be a great boyfriend and an excellent husband, but for right now I am so glad that I am the main girl in his life, and I am relishing every minute.

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