Red Nose Day 3I know I often write about the funny things that Hannah says, and three year olds certainly do have lots of funny things to say.  But almost-seven year olds do too.  

Red Nose Day 1The other day we were at a restaurant and Jayce was washing his hands and attempting to find that happy medium water temperature.

Jayce: Mom, that one was too hot, and this one is too chilly.  We need it to be chot, that would be just right.  “Ch” from chilly and “ot” from hot.  Chot.
Me: Yeah, we could call it that.  Or there’s actually already a word for that, called warm.
Jayce: Oh yeah, warm.  So yeah, we could say either chot or warm.
Red Nose Day 6Red Nose Day 5
He has been making me smile a lot with his prayers at bedtime.  For a long time Jayce would exclusively and stubbornly thank God for me and Jack (his favorite stuffed animal), and Hannah would balance things out by thanking God for Chris and her favorite stuffed animal.  But recently Jayce has started spilling out a variety of different things, like thanking God for his creativity.  The other night he thanked God for all of the wonderful things that he does to help people who are poor and sick. 🙂
Red Nose Day 4Red Nose Day 7That night Hannah wasn’t feeling very cooperative, and after some persuasion finally thanked God for her dresses.
Dresses are a fine thing to be thankful for, although I would argue that I have a small hand in those as well.
Red Nose Day 11Red Nose Day 10
I sometimes feel like only a few small things aren’t worthy of a post of their own, and I need to have a long string of hilarity to recount.  But I love remembering what little and big things are going through these kids’ minds, and want to write them down before they slip out of my mind forever. 
Also these pictures are from last month when the kids were getting ready for Red Nose Day before school, just in case you were wondering if this was just an average face-painting day.