Jayce’s Birthday: The Golden Edition

(Golden, referring to our celebration with Mom and Chelsea, a few of the Goldens. 🙂

Mom and Chelsea had to go back to Akron about a week before Jayce’s 5th birthday, so they wanted to celebrate with him while they were in town.  We planned to celebrate one evening after Jayce got home from school.

Jbirthdayhome 7 2This was slightly confusing to Jayce, who, when I told him that we were going to celebrate that night with Grandma and Chelsea, thought that we were having another party for him.  He wanted to know which of his friends were coming, what the decorations were going to be like, and telling me what he wanted on his cake.  

Then I spent the next few minutes trying to diminish the grand party ideas that had popped into his head without ruining his excitement.  It was a delicate balance.

Jbirthdayhome 2 2

He did say that he wanted to play a game at his party where we hid his toys around the house and gave him clues about where to find them.  That, I told him, we could do.  

Jbirthdayhome 3 2So while Mom and I went to pick Jayce up from school, Chelsea hid clues (and toys) around the house for him to find.Jbirthdayhome 5 2Jbirthdayhome 4 2Then it was on to presents.  Jayce is so fun to watch when opening gifts because he gets really excited no matter what he opens.  (He opened a power cord at Christmas this year and said, “This is just what I’ve always wanted!”)Jbirthdayhome 6 2Jbirthdayhome 8 2Jbirthdayhome 9 2Then it was time for singing and a mini-cake.  It didn’t have all of the Avengers and a soccer ball on it like he had asked for that morning, but he didn’t seem to notice.  It had candles and sprinkles, and that worked.Jbirthdayhome 10 2Jbirthdayhome 11 2Jbirthdayhome 12 2Jbirthdayhome 13 2Then we got pizza and spent the rest of the night playing, aka assembling various lego sets.

And when I went to check on him before bed I found this.   Jbirthdayhome 14 2All of his new toys on their own pillow.  Even the little lego men were all hanging out on the Spiderman puzzle box.  Jbirthdayhome 15 2That’s my sweet little guy.