Jayce’s Birthday

Jayce s Birthday 11Jayce s Birthday 12

Jayce s Birthday 7Jayce s Birthday 15Jayce’s turned 6 on an average sunny Wednesday this year.

Jayce s Birthday 4It’s funny when your kid’s birthday is in the middle of the week during the school year, because you have to gauge exactly how much celebration that you can cram into the day.  You don’t want it to be so much that they are so tired that they can’t cope with waking up for school the rest of the week, but you still want to make it special, because even if you’ve already done some celebrating, that is the actual birthDAY and it’s important.  Jayce s Birthday 9Jayce s Birthday 8We gave him a small present before school that he could play with a little and take in for show and tell, and the rest of his gifts in the afternoon after he got home, so that he had enough time to dig into his new things and still enjoy dinner and cake before we had to roll into the bedtime routine.  Jayce s Birthday 10His lego party was 2 weekends before his birthday, and the weekend before he opened a few presents from grandparents while they chatted with him on Skype.  He opened more presents that evening with other grandparents on Skype, and had another present coming the upcoming weekend from Chris.  So basically it seemed like he got a few presents every few days for  a few weeks.  There was certainly no under-celebrating.
Jayce s Birthday 21Jayce s Birthday 14But on the birthday it was actually mellow and nice.  He took sweets into his class and wore the ever important Birthday Badge.  We had dinner at the restaurant of his choice, Greedies, a local place we used to go to every week.  We came home for cake and played the rest of the evening.Jayce s Birthday 13I made a miserable looking (but yummy) cake, and Chelsea tried to do a 6 with sprinkles in the middle, and it mostly worked.
Jayce s Birthday 16Jayce s Birthday 18Jayce s Birthday 19But it was good, and so was the icing.Jayce s Birthday 20Jayce s Birthday 20 2On Sunday Chris and Jayce went up to Regent Street to Hemleys which I’ve talked about before when we let Jayce play hooky, and they picked out this museum break in set, which Jayce then built in less that 3 hours.  He loved it so much.Party 4Party 5And that was that.  A simple but great birthday for my favorite little guy.