Pillow Jumping 3Some days, when it’s cold or rainy, and the kids need to burn off some steam but Chris and I aren’t up for a park trip we do this. ‘Pillow jumping’ is what the kids call it. We bring down one or both of their mattresses, every pillow from every bed in the flat, make a big pile and let them jump and jump.

Pillow Jumping 2Pillow Jumping 1There is a (sturdy) table behind the back of the couch that the kids jump from, so they get a little bit more height and distance than if they were just jumping from the couch to the floor. Sometimes they flip a little bit, sometimes they land on their backs, sometimes we throw pillows at them while their jumping, which they try to avoid (or try to jump into), but there is always lots of giggling.Pillow Jumping 5But there is always hair flying, some cool moves, and lots of giggling. It is probably one of Chris’ most proudest accomplishments, the invention of this game for when boredom strikes. Because honestly, the park is really great, but sometimes we just can’t, and this fits the bill in a way that makes everyone happy.

Pillow Jumping 4

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