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Random ramble:

Almost every time that I sit down to blog I am overwhelmed by the many things to write about and share.  Also, no matter what I do write about, I feel a little guilty about.  Isn’t that ridiculous?  As I write this I know that it is, since this is MY blog.  But if I give a long-winded post about what Jayce is up to, I feel guilty for not giving as much attention to Hannah.  If I blog about London I wonder if people think I’m bragging.  If I write about something I made, I wonder if it sounds like I’m showing off, but really I’m just excited about it.  If I write about something that’s just happened than I feel guilty for the things from months ago that have never seen the light of day on this blog.  

I know it’s silly, but there it is.  

But I also think that something is better than nothing.  Imperfect and incomplete content is still better than no content.  So here is just one thing going on right now with the kiddos.  Small but “us.”  Enjoy.

Jayce in bow tie 8

My studdly but very grumpy little guy in his new tie.

Jayce in bow tie 4

Last week we discovered that Jayce and another girl were the Rabbit Class representatives on the School Council.  I found this out when I was reading the weekly school newspaper and when I asked Jayce about it he had no idea what I was talking about.  But the following week he brought home a School Council pin that he was supposed to wear every day, and then he knew about it. He informed me that he was not to wear it to bed, and it has a special spot of prominence on his dresser.  I’m not sure that there have actually been any meetings yet or anything, but he is kind of excited about it in it’s mystery.

School council 1Hannah bedtime 3

Hannah has been without her pacifier for about 5 weeks now, and it was a pretty smooth transition.  However, in the absence of her paci, she has rounded up a small collection of things that need to be with her before bed and nap time, or when she’s sad and wants to snuggle.

Hannah bedtime 2

There are two bears, a stuffed dog called Germany/Germany Volcano, a stuffed “buzzy bee,” and four blankets-some to cuddle with and one to cover up with, although which is used for which is always changing and never done correctly the first time.  Occasionally there is a story or two in the mix as well.

When she’s standing in front of me trying to hold them all I just want to give her a laundry basket.  But instead I scoop her up with her arms full of her collection, and sit down to rock.  

Hannah bedtime 1

And that’s us this week. 🙂

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  1. Jace and Hannah are adorable and That bow tie is too cute. I understand how you feel about blogging I often overthink my posts thinking thing aren't interesting enough to post. I also feel bad I don't post many pictures of my son. He is 7 now so I'm a little more private with him I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels guilty about that. Your blog is awesome 🙂


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