Justin’s Art

Justin and Tasha were in town this weekend to visit and brought an amazing present for Jayce and his nursery. Justin designed and pained these adult and baby animal paintings and they turned out great!

Justin used to sketch all of the time and won a bunch of awards for his artwork back in high school. He still doodles around the edges of paper or whatever he can get his hands on, and so I thought it would be fun if he could do some decorations for the nursery. He agreed to do it and has been plotting the perfect nursery animals ever since, and when they told me they would be coming to town this weekend, I hoped they would bring them along!

On a side note, Justin and his wife Tasha are musicians in the group Ellery, and were in Peoria this weekend playing at a showcase. I took them up to LCC’s campus one day to see Chris and show them around the campus, and while we were checking out the library a student asked if they were Ellery, said he had seen them play a few times and asked if they were playing in town. It was perfectly pleasant and they chatted with him for a minute before moving on, but I was so glad I was there for this priceless exchange because it gave me ground to harass them (good-naturedly) about being rock stars and recognized where ever they go!