KCW: Favorite Minty Dress

Minty Family Reunion Dress 4

I can’t remember how I originally found this pattern for this dress, but I loved it.  It cost a little more than I have paid for other patterns, so I pinned it for later and bought it when it was on sale this summer.  The O&S Family Reunion dress.  Basically the cutest dress ever.

Minty Family Reunion Dress 1

It’s one of those dresses that has a simple design but the cutest little details.  These tiny rows of pin tucks and the little front placket…sigh.  It was the first time that I had ever sewn pin tucks before, and I realized that once it was all ironed and pinned down, which is not a quick task, that I was doing it wrong.  I decided to leave it this time and do it the right way next time.  I still think it is so pretty.

Minty Family Reunion Dress 9

 The sleeves are perfect too.  Just a little bit of puff at the top to get your attention and let you know that these are no ordinary short sleeves, they are beautiful short sleeves.

Minty Family Reunion Dress 6

Minty Family Reunion Dress 8

 There is supposed to be a band that goes across the bottom of the dress that will add about 2 more inches to the length, along with some fanciness.  It is already cut, sewn together, and ironed, but after trying the bodice on her the other day I decided not to attach it.

When I traced and cut the pattern pieces for this dress, which was no quick task, I decided to make the dress one size bigger than what Hannah wears now since a short sleeved dress going into the fall and winter isn’t very practical.  But when I tried this on her I realized that if I just hemmed it as it was then she could wear it now.  It’s a little loose but doesn’t look too big, and without the band, the length is perfect.  

Minty Family Reunion Dress 2

Plus it looks cute with a chunky sweater. So she can totally wear it in the fall and winter. 🙂

Minty Family Reunion Dress 14Minty Family Reunion Dress 15

When spring and summer roll around, if she has gotten a lot taller I’ll just unpick the current hem, attach the band, and hopefully get a few more months of wear out of this dress.  I know I won’t be getting sick of it anytime soon.

Minty Family Reunion Dress 11

This was my first O&S pattern, and I learned a lot, as people often say that they do.  It did make me a bit nervous to sew though, because it gives lots of tips on how to be really precise, and they kind of just made me nervous that I was going to screw the whole thing up.  And after sewing a dozen different knit projects where the seams don’t need to be finished, being reminded to finish seams was kind of a bummer.  BUT, it was all worth it.  A lot of work went into this one, but I feel like it is a bit of a masterpiece. 

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