KCW: I Make Jayce Clothes Too

Jayce Bimaa Hoodie 5Jayce Bimaa Hoodie 1

Last year when I first started being interested in sewing for the kids, I kept hearing about this online fabric shop called Girl Charlee that had a great selection of good quality, cute patterned, and inexpensive knits.  I ignored it because it wasn’t really an option for me and I wasn’t sure I wanted to sew with knits.  But when we were home I got a pretty big order from them, I think 10 yards, and brought it back with me.  It has been a bit of a game changer for me.
Jayce Bimaa Hoodie 7
Most of the fabric was $5-$6.50 for a yard, and I can only think of one thing that I’ve made that I’ve used the whole yard for just the one item.  
I spent around $55 for 10 yards of fabric and am getting 10+ items with that fabric.  So I am getting short sleeved shirts, long sleeved shirts, hoodies, dresses, cardigans etc for around $5.50 each.      For real.

Jayce Bimaa Hoodie 4

Now I know I used 2 different fabrics for this shirt, but I also used the stripe one on Hannah’s top, and there is more leftover that will make it in somewhere else too.  In addition to the challenge of making the clothes in the first place, I kind of like the challenge of using up all of the fabric.  It’s really satisfying in that “I used every last drop of shampoo in the bottle and none went to waste” sort of way.

Jayce Bimaa Hoodie 2

Now, I don’t feel like I can say that making clothes is always a cheaper way to go.  Sometimes it is, sometimes it’s not.  
Since Hannah is in a size 2T, making clothes for her usually doesn’t use a lot of fabric.  I use more fabric to make clothes for Jayce, but since he wears a uniform to school 5 days a week he really doesn’t need a huge variety of clothes for the other 2 days a week.  But one time this summer when I had made Hannah a dress he asked me if I would make him something to wear too, and I told him that I would.
When we were in the US and I was looking at fabric online he climbed up in my lap to ask me about something and saw the different prints on the screen.  He pointed out this lightening bolt fabric and told me he thought it was cool.  It was $5.50.  We were both sold.
Jayce Bimaa Hoodie 8Jayce Bimaa Hoodie 9
I made his shirt with…wait for it…the same pattern I used to make Hannah’s shirts yesterday, the Bimaa.  No seriously.  I love a good unisex pattern, and this one is superb.  It has a hooded option, a cowl (which I’ve done twice) and a cross over neck option that I’ll have to take a stab at next time.
When he tried on his shirt he kind of snuggled it while it was on his body and said, “Oooo, it’s so soft and comfy.  Can I wear it every day?”  But getting him to come outside for pictures was another story.  I turned to blatant bribery- sucker on one side, vampire smile on the other.
Jayce Bimaa Hoodie 13Jayce Bimaa Hoodie 14Jayce Bimaa Hoodie 15
Everybody wins.

Jayce Bimaa Hoodie 12

2 thoughts on “KCW: I Make Jayce Clothes Too

  1. Hi Erin!

    This is too funny…. I just bragged about two Bimaa's that I made earlier and while crediting you for giving me the idea I came over to your site to copy/paste your web link only to see that you too are showcasing a Bimaa… Great minds think alike! Thank you for introducing me to this pattern… I foresee many more Bimaas in my life. BTW, love love love your choice of fabric!!!


  2. is this fabric from girl charlee??
    my boys had a grey tee by c&c just like this newborns.
    Would love to find some more.
    great bimma!! need to get on making a few myself.

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