Keeping Us Laughing

Yesterday afternoon I was sitting at the kitchen table making a grocery list while Jayce played in the living room. I glanced up as he walked into the room and saw this. (I promise that this was in no way staged or instigated by me!)


Luckily, I had downloaded some pictures the night before, so the camera was sitting on the table and I was able to catch this. He didn’t make this shot (surprisingly), but grabbed the ball, headed back towards the hoop for a second shot, and ran into the wall instead. I didn’t get a picture of this, but not because I was trying to stop him from running into the wall like a good mom, but because I was changing some setting on the camera. Darn it!

Jayce abandoned the pumpkin bucket after the wall incident, and at that point I noticed that he had pulled out all of his “buckets,” and was trying to wear them one by one.


He eventually put the pumpkin bucket back on his head, and went for the hoop again with a different basketball. Why the bucket and basketball? I think the real answer is, why not? A bucket over the head is fun, and everything in our house is about basketball these days, so why not combine the two? That’s my best guess anyway.


And then he decided to go after my boots which posed a little more of a problem than our other shoes, so I helped him and zipped him in.

2010_02_17_6586 2010_02_17_6592

Since you can’t wear boots without some other winter gear, he brought me his hat. And then went into our room to dance to my alarm clock radio, which he knows how to turn on.


I know that toddlers are funny, I guess I’m just still surprised when he cracks me up by doing things that he sees as no big deal. I think there is probably a lot more of that to come.


2 thoughts on “Keeping Us Laughing

  1. Hi! What a beautiful and funny blog. I love the kiddie pictures. I look forward to peek more in to your life overseas (from where i am) Have a lovely day! towe.

  2. That is awesome. Jayce is awesome. I love toddlers. So much fun to be had everyday. The pumpkin bucket on his head trying to make a basket had me cracking up too. So cute.

    Oh, and his blue eyes kill me every time!

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