Kew Gardens on a Good Day

KewFourth 4
KewFourth 15KewThird 4KewThird 16A few weekends ago we headed over to one of our favorite places, Kew Gardens, and I brought my camera along.  

KewFourth 10KewThird 27KewSecond 8KewFourth 17You know how sometimes you make a plan for a little family trip, and nothing really works out the way that you had pictured it in your head?  Bad weather, grumpy kids, traffic delays, grumpy adults, overdue naps, spilled drinks, and whining from all parties.  These days are inevitable but they’re still really annoying.
KewThird 30KewFourth 9KewFourth 6KewFourth 12This was not one of those days.  This was a lucky and happy day when everything fell into place, and I’m so glad that I brought my camera because I won’t be forgetting it anytime soon.
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KewFirst 13KewThird 8Not that we needed an extra activity on a day of chasing, flower picking, branch swords, and apparently us constantly smothering the kids with kisses, but there was also a Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory exhibit that the kids got in on, including a demonstration of a new candy/candy making machine by Willy Wonka and an elf.  (I know WW doesn’t have elfs, but feeling too lazy to google at the moment.) Regardless, the kids thought it was funny, and we stood in the back leisurely drinking our coffee.  It worked.
KewFirst 4KewFirst 2KewFirst 3KewFirst 1It was a good day.

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