Knitting Wrap Up: THE SCARF

Scarf 4So, yes, I finished Jayce’s scarf and I have finished the “month of knitting” part of my resolutions.  I had a marathon knitting session the last week of February where I worked on it almost every evening and I cranked that baby out.
I told Chris I felt like a human loom.  First there was just a ball of yarn, and then Jayce had a scarf!  It was like magic.  Sometimes frustrating and forearm numbing, but still magic.
Scarf 2It’s long-ish, I guess?  I didn’t really have a pattern so I just winged it.  But it seemed to fit Jayce just right, and worked well with the little bits of yarn that I had.  A local (beautiful) yarn shop had donated some yarn to the knitting group that I go to, so the green, blue, and creamy white came from there.  The purple and light blue came from the stash of a sweet friend.  It was overall a win-win: Jayce loved it, I practiced, and the price was right.
Scarf 1Jayce did like it.  He was excited.  He put it right on and wouldn’t let Hannah touch it.  
But we’re seeing more and more that he is a collector, as I’ve said before.  He wore the scarf around the house all morning on the day that I gave it to him.  Then he folded it up neatly and settled it into front row spot on his dresser, among his other treasures.  There was almost no room even though the dresser is massive, like 8 feet long, because he has so many of his favorite little things nestled up there.  Now the scarf is one of them.Scarf 6Scarf 5After I took these pictures I informed Jayce that he doesn’t have to walk with his chin down, pinching the scarf between his chin and chest.  
It will just kind of stay around your neck.  You don’t have to do that, you can keep your head up like normal.
But I don’t want it to fall off.
I guess getting used to wearing a scarf is a little strange.
Scarf 3I have liked doing a scarf as my first project because I can look at it and see exactly how much progress I made from my first day to my last day.  The left/green end of the scarf leaves a lot to be desired.  But by the time I made my way into the purple it was downright pretty.  Even the edges!  And I should hope so.  I didn’t count the stitches, but there are 27 in each row, so by the end I had literally done it a few thousands of times.
Scarf 16I took my finished scarf to my knitting group last week.  I held it up and was like, “Look!  I’m not a complete impostor!  I knitted something!!”
And they smiled at me, looked at it, and all clapped sweetly for me.  I know that they were all thinking that they could do this in their sleep, minus the wonky part, but it was still nice.  And the sweet old lady who first taught me to knit said, “Good job.  Now you KEEP knitting.”
Scarf 15I told her I would, and I will.  But for now, I’m taking a break.