Let’s Decorate: In the Living Room

My goal for March was to decorate.  We’ve been here long enough now that most things place, and I haven’t rearranged the living room in 4 months, which means that I’ve finally found a layout that works best.  So now for the fun part, the sprinkling in of details and personality.  The bummer is that by the end of the month I felt like I had barely scratched the surface.  But I DID get some things in place.  And to make me feel better about it, I’m numbering them.  Numbers make me feel like progress has happened. 🙂March 71.) Cushion for my desk chair.

RP 182.) Kids seating solution/Rollie Pollie.

Lamps3.) Add mood lighting.  

4.) Hate the new lamp’s shade and re-cover it.

Lr 25.) Hang peg board in my little office nook.  (Notice on the blue paper Jayce drew a picture of me with my hair in a high ponytail and my bangs!  The details he takes into account are so funny sometimes, and I love it.  My Mother’s Day card says “I love my mommy because she always kisses me.”  Sweetie.)Lr 46.) New pillows!!  I love these so much, yes, I made them and yes, those are zippers!  Questionably installed or not, they are zippers.Livingroom 97.) Conceal the monstrous eye sore/air conditioner that you can see here.Livingroom 48.) Wall art above the piano.  

(Plan A didn’t really turn out, and I hate to be a one-trick pony, but a big chalkboard in a semi glitzy frame, in the middle of a light-colored wall just looks cool to me.)

Lr 3Livingroom 39.) Add color.

10.) Add plants.  

Run out of cash to buy plants, so clip pretty branches with budding white flowers and stick them in vases around the house.
Livingroom 111.) Add some sort of Easter decor.  (Remember, this was in March.)

Livingroom 2That’s that for the living room, but I think that 11 things in one month in one room isn’t too bad.

The kitchen got lightly decked out as well, but that is for another day.

Like tomorrow.

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  1. i'm playing catch up on your blog, because i've been mia from my own. i love all the recent posts and pics, and glad you're all feeling more settled in, in your own ways! i am so jealous of your sewing skills!

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